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  • Paul Stannley (Wednesday, June 08 22 08:13 pm EDT)

    Dustin is the man, what can I say!! I was amazed to see all the parts he had when I first saw his shop. I'm not joking when I say parts, you could literally find anything that you need for any kind of bike!! It's some serious parts galore! Customer service is top notch, and prices are unbeatable.. haggle free pricing! I will totally recommend my friends to come here, and don't worry Dustin I'll be back again and again. You're the best in Nanaimo, literally don't go anywhere else; take my word for that! Maybe we can have some Teen burgers next time I'm there, cause the one that you were eating when I arrived sure looked good! ~ Sorry I interrupted your lunch! ;) Cheers!!

  • Theresa Forrester (Wednesday, June 08 22 01:06 pm EDT)

    I love that you are saving the earth by doing what you do . The fact that you help those in need is fantastic too . Thank you for all you do in our community !

  • Elicia (Wednesday, June 01 22 05:38 pm EDT)

    We moved back here after living overseas for a number of years and had to leave my younger children's bikes behind. I got 2 free, recycled kid's bikes from VIBE bikes that are the perfect sizes for my son and daughter. We love them! Thanks VIBE bikes for being environmentally conscious and for your generosity of time and skills!

  • Sonya (Wednesday, June 01 22 03:58 pm EDT)

    I've bought 2 bike from Vibe Bikes. The first one I bought was not the right fit for me, but I wanted something right away and bought it for under $75. Then I waited for another more suitable bike to be advertised on Vibe Bikes. When I found the Schwin I was looking for, I donated my first bike back to Vibe. Why not, he does amazing work and all kids bikes are free! Vibe Bikes is an awesome service in our community and he always tells you the work done on the bikes and what may need some attention, or any faults on the bike. He is honest and knows his bikes. I highly recommend supporting this business.

  • Adam (Friday, May 27 22 03:11 pm EDT)

    Awesome program to help people and the most inexpensive solution to getting people on bikes!
    Especially the free bikes for kids and helping with bikes that break down.
    I love that I was able to donate a broken down bike and have it fixed up and found a new life in a new home in a matter of days. VIBE Bikes has been huge help to me in many ways and it’s admirable work they do! Thank you!

  • John Statton (Monday, February 14 22 05:19 pm EST)

    You guys are the best! Bough a bicycle off you guys six years ago and it still runs like a dream. Keep up the good work. Will recommend you guys to everyone who needs a quality used bicycle. Keep up the good work!