About Us & Our Program To Help




Hello folks! We are Vibe Bikes a local family run home based business since 2009. We have given away and sold thousands of bicycles to help local families in our community. The best thing about buying bicycles from us is the support of a local business, less bicycles in the landfills, and helping everyone get a chnace to ride a bicycle.
When you recycle a bicycle it helps local folks with a affordable or free bicycle. Most adult bicycles we sell at low cost to fund our company. Most kids bicycles we repair and give back to local families in need. If you recycle with us it helps everyone have the chance to enjoy a bicycle.

Thank you for supporting a local family business doing it's part to help the community. If you have any bicycles to recycle please let us know anytime. Drop off is welcome anytime at your convenience. If you cannot drop off don't worry we can offer pick up as well. We thank you in advance for you care and support for keeping us going.