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Vibe Bikes

Welcome To The Bicycle Recyclers

Please recycle any bicycles with us. We have been serving Nanaimo since 2009 with free & affordable bicycles. We accept and old bicycles, parts, helmets, frames, in any shape or condition. Kids sized bicycles are 100% FREE. We repair all kids bicycles with all good parts. We give safety check and try to provide free helmets. Adult bicycles sized bicycles are we sell at low fair prices. Money used goes toward keeping Vibe Bikes business running and helping other with free bikes, delivery, parts, tools & the workshops.




Hi folks it's our slower time of season so we have lots of time for bicycle repairs. We work on most older model vintage & retro bicycles. Fair low rates and always fast service. If you have a bicycle you would like to have repaired let us know. Starting from $35 for basic tune up. Any parts and or tire truing extra. Thanks for choosing Vancover Island Bicycle Exchange.




Our little company has been helping the community with free and affordable bicycles since 2009 to present. We are always friendly and here to help others each and every day. Please like and share and get the word out to the community to recycle old bicycles so we can continue help others. All kids sized bicycles we donate and all adult sized bikes we sell at low fair prices. This keeps bicycles out of the landfills and keeps kids riding each year. We believe every child should have the joy of riding a bicycle.

When bicycle is not in use, we recommend it being kept indoors and out of sight. Theives will take any chance they get to steal property that isn't locked up. Please remember if you buy a bicycle off of us, or if have donated one to you, We keep all serial numbers, pictures, sizes, speeds ect. for a certain amount of time, so that  we can help you get your bike back.

We sell used bicycle parts for less. We have a good selection of all sorts of used bicycle parts. We sell every thing from derailuers, rims, cables, cranks, frames, nuts * bolts and everything in between. If there is anytihng you are looking for but can't find time to drop in please give us a call, text or email. We also encourge you to follow us on Facebook under the Vibe Bikes page.

When you recycle, it makes a huge difference in peoples lives as well as the environment. Our goal is to help as many people as we can each and every year with free and affordable bicycles. Lets keep more bicycels out of our landfill and more back on the road.