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Vibe Bikes

Welcome To Vibe Bikes ~ Your Islands Bicycle Recyclers ~

Hello folks! We are Vibe Bikes, a simple family home based business trying to do our part for the environment & community.

New bicycles are expensive these days and not everyone can afford new. We feel that everyone should get out riding a bike and enjoying a healthy life style. We are passionate for what we do and strongly care for our community. Recycle any old unwanted bicycles with us & we will continue to help.


Just a friendly reminder we are a small home business and would like you to please make an appointment with us to view bikes. We are available most mornings and afternoons. If you have any bicycles you would like to recycle and or drop off you can drop off anytime you like, thank you so much for you care and support. We Will always continue to nurture the community with bicycles.


Please Recycle Bicycles With Us So We Can Help The Community

We are still out here helping the community with free and affordable bicycle solutions. We accept and old bicycles, parts, helmets, frames, in any shape or condition.



All kids sized bicycles are 100% FREE. We repair all kids bicycles with all good parts. We give safety check so they are good to ride.


All adult bicycles sized bicycles are we sell at low fair prices. Money used goes toward keeping Vibe Bikes business running, helping other with free bikes, delivery, parts, tools, the workshops & donated bicycles.


Let's Recycle, Re Purpose & Get More Bicycles Riding Again

We Have A Wide Variety Of Older Parts If You Need Something

Need a part for an old bicycle? We have lots of used parts. Take whatever you like on a donation basis. We also do repairs of most older model bicycles from the 70s to 90s. Bring back you old bicycle alive again.

Yes We Do Reapirs on Most Older Model Bicycles

Yes we do repairs on most older model biycles. Please send us a message and see if we can helo you today getting you bicycles fixed up and ready to ride again.


* Bicycles we DO NOT do are any NEW bicycles with disc brakes or any BMX bikes. We specialize in the older stuff.