Vibe Bikes
Vibe Bikes

Welcome To Vibe Bikes! The bicycle recyclers!

Vibe Bike is just a simple small home based business trying to do our part for the environment and community. New bicycles are expensive these days and not everyone can afford new. We feel that everyone should get out riding a bike and enjoying a healthy life style.We are passionate for what we do and strongly care for our community. 
Instead of taking bicycles to the dump we would like to appeal to people to save them and recycle them here! Any old unwanted bicycles you may have lying around please reach out to us and recycle them here so we can repair and get them back up and running.  Vibe Bikes motto: " Keep Riding "


When you recycle, it makes a huge difference in peoples lives as well as the environment. Our goal is to help as many people as we can each and every year with free and affordable bicycles. Lets keep more bicycels out of our landfill and more back on the road.