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Bicycle Warranty

At Vibe Bikes we offer a 30 days warranty on every bicycle we sell. If anything goes wrong with any bicycle we will fix the problem free of charge before the 30 day time.
* Please make sure of your purchase that you like the bicycle and it's the right fit for your needs and wants. After choosing to buy a bicycle from us all sales are fina,l we do not offer returns or refunds. We do encourage you to try before you buy to make sure your getting a bicycle you really will enjoy.
* After 30 day period we do charge for any repairs that are needed in the future.
* Any bicycles that are sold AS-IS are not offered warranty on.

Vibe Bikes is NOT responsible for function failure if the bike is modified, been in an accident or fooled with after it has left our shop. Warranty will be void. Vibe Bikes is not accountable for injury or accidents when a bicycle has left our shop.


Try before you buy. All our bikes are tested and tried before sold.
What you choose to do with a bicycle when you leave our shop is your choice. We will not be held accountable for any of these factors whatsoever.
Happy Cycling!