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Tips On Bicycle Security




Thefts of bicycles are on the rise! We have heard too many stories of bikes being stolen. Vibe Bikes would like to help you with a few tips so that you do not become a victim of theft. We strongler encourge you to resgister you bike with Garage 529 or the local RCMP.


Lock up your bikes! We recommend spending a little more $$ on a more expensive bicycle lock rather than cheap department store locks. Why? The more something costs, the better quality it will be, therefore more difficult to cut through. A cheap coil lock may seem like security, but they are very easy to cut through, as well as cheaper u-locks. Buying a more expensive version of the u-lock is most recommended. For bicycle locks and accessories please visit the nearest bicycle shop that provides bicycle security...


When bicycle is not in use, we recommend it being kept indoors and out of sight! Even children's bicycles will be stolen so remind your children to always keep bikes indoors when not in use. Leaving bicycles in the backyard unlocked isn't good enough. Theives will take any chance they get to steal property that isn't locked up.


Write down all the information you can about your bicycle, such as Frame size, style, brand name and model, year, tire sizes, colour, noticeable scratches/marks, stickers, modifications, and the Serial Number which is located on the bottom of the bike frame where the pedals are. Keep this information in a safe place. If your bicycle is ever stolen, having this information might help get your bicycle back. We keep on infomation on every bike we sell & donate to help you incase of theft.


Please view the link below to the RCMP serial no. data base if your bicycle has been stolen. safe-1.3233760


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